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Birthdate:Mar 18
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Borgel MacTavish is an extremely old man. Nobody's quite sure how old, but he's claimed to be 111 for some number of years now, so that's the number most people go with. He has recently moved in with the Spellbound family, of whom he claims to be a distant relative. The Spellbounds themselves aren't so sure, but who would say no to an adorable 111 year-old man?

Borgel hails from the Old Country - an unknown, faraway land with a guttural language and a culture that places an unusual amount of importance on skunk pelts. His last name, in fact, is not MacTavish, and sounds nothing at all like MacTavish, but is written that way on his drivers license because it sounds even less like anything else.

As one can imagine, Borgel has a few unusual secrets. Most notably, a vintage time-traveling automobile, capable of traversing the Interstate highways that cut across time, space, and the other. He knows much of it quite well, as he is a well-traveled and accomplished time tourist.

He thus holds the distinction of being one of the few people whose first encounter with the Bar at the End of the Universe is an intentional one. He shall arrive there from time to time, sometimes accompanied by his talking dog Fafner, and occasionally by his nephew Melvin. You may see him there drinking a tankard of the finest Old Country stout, seasoned with skunk oil.

His avatar is that of Daniel Pinkwater himself (even though Mr. Pinkwater is considerably younger than he is). Fafner's avatar is that of a small white terrier. Melvin's avatar is that of Manny from Modern Family because I have no imagination whatsoever.

Borgel MacTavish is from the novel Borgel, and is property of Daniel Pinkwater. He is being used solely for roleplaying purposes, and no profit is being made off of him whatsoever.

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